Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rules of Usage

Though I once thought I vaguely understood the proper usage of the now-common phrase "ownzed," the most recent examples have led to some confusion. When, and why, does one use such a phrase, and what does it mean?


Chaka said...

I have to let Brandon (or Boromir, if he still lives and blogs) take this one. I myself am still hesitant in my use of the term.

Pirate Jimmy said...

I say the more the merrier! But officially the word is meant to convey the idea of complete defeat and humiliation by a greater opponent.

What's tricky about it is it comes in many forms, depending on the medium. In speech, and likewise colloquial written language, I prefer the form "OWNZED!" But other people use it in forms including, but not limited to: owned, pwned, pwnt, pwn3d, pizz0w3nz3d, etc.

I use it more liberally than some in a show of my being better than everyone else, now and forever. I sometimes use it in a situation where someone has not necessarily gotten ownzed just so that person does realize that they did, in fact, get ownzed.

Robert says "Oh, It's so dark out right now I bet it's 9:00 in the evening!"
Robert checks his watch.
Robert says "Oh, it's only 7:30..."
Brandon says "OWNZED!!!!!!"
Brandon adds " ... by time!"
(this informs Robert that he truly was ownzed by the concept of time)
The correct response to this remark would be:
Robert says "truly, I got ownzed."
Robert frowns.

Another example is the fact that chaka does not know the answer to this one.




Chaka said...

I'm curious to visit, but the University's firewall refuses to take me there, citing, and I quote: "Gruesome Content."

What, is there a picture of me gored on the horns of Brandon's argument?

Boromir said...

You got Ownzed my friend! By not being to open that link.