Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where do YOU shower?

A co-worker asked me yesterday, "Where do you shower?"

I responded with slight confusion, "In my apartment bathroom."

She seemed dissatisfied and continued to tell me, "You can go to another building, you know."

An even greater confusion over took me as I wanted to scream, "Why in the world would I walk to another building, carrying all my shower necessities with me, to shower amongst potential dirt not of my own, along side other potential shower users, when I have a perfectly private and clean shower five feet from my warm bed!?!"
Instead, after a period of uncomfortable silence, I chose to respond with, "Well, I do have a water heater."

This woman seemed annoyed that I couldn't understand the benefits of her shower oasis and dropped the subject with a final word, "We can go together some day soon."

A Math Lesson

Although I know how to switch the post time of all entries on the whole blog, I do not know an easy way to accurately show my post times as apart from all you other losers in the Central Time Zone. So I will try to remember to change each post time, but if you're left wondering "why would she be writing such a trivial thing at three in the morning?" add 14 hours and you'll probably be less confused.

Taste The Rainbow

While they may taste the same, the components of the artificially fruity rainbow are twice as small!

Sometimes I feel like a giant in this country...

Heathen Lips

Actually, I would do just about anything right now for some chapstick (including kissing someone - gasp! - who just put it on.) I lost the tube I had brought along from the states (a heathen brand) and can't seem to find any replacements here. So I keep walking around rubbing lotion on my face, hoping that will help against the cold wind.

You're not a Christian unles you buy this....

My lips have been restored to near virgin quality since I've been using my "Looking Good for Jesus" lip balm.

Friday, February 23, 2007


This is no more

Thursday, February 22, 2007