Sunday, March 16, 2008

I love North Carolina

I'm back in Illinois after an all-too-short jaunt in beautiful NC. The paper presentation went well, despite my racing heart, my overuse of the sound umm, and the awful classroom I was in. Why is it that preaching labs are always in basement rooms with no ventilation? TEDS people, you know what I'm talking about. Might as well be in a locker room. Still, the beauty of the rest of the campus kind of makes up for it.

I got to meet some great people, including Vinson Synan, the author of a spectacular history book called Century of the Holy Spirit. The keynote speaker for the conference was J├╝rgen Moltmann, who I didn't get to meet. Just as well, since all I would have had to say is, "You are clearly a very intelligent man." Also at the conference was NT scholar Gordon Fee (author of another book that influenced me greatly, How to Read the Bible For All It's Worth), although I didn't even see him. Oh well. Enough name dropping.

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Beau said...

Yeah, I believe its best to leave the famous scholars alone at conferences until you've got something potentially profound to say to them. At my first national ETS, I woke up an aging I. Howard Marshall, who had clearly fallen asleep in the front row, to say something inane like "I really love your work." He was gracious and promptly fell back asleep . . .