Sunday, May 11, 2008

TEDS/TGS Graduation Update

Best quote from the commencement address, by OT scholar Walt Kaiser: "I have read the New Testament, and I like it. It reminds me of the Old Testament."

(My great-uncle, Msgr. Frank Klein, gave me Kaiser's Toward an Old Testament Theology, which I will read someday. My great-uncle was pretty cool. You should click that link.)

I love what the new editors have done with The Graduate Scrawl. It looks much cleaner than in the old days. Sounds like Mark Driscoll's chapel talk was a doozy (doesn't seem to be available online).

Some friends and fellow bloggers who graduated include Sterling C. Franklin and D. C. Cramer. You're welcome to congratulate them. Also graduating was the always-intriguingly-lowercase beau who comments here occasionally. And Eric McIntosh, who I still think is Fake Carson. Though he denies it. And I don't have any insider information on that.

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Former "B" Buddy said...

I'm with you on the fake carson theory - all the way.