Monday, July 07, 2008

Keeping busy

Well, that was a Fourth of July weekend filled to the brim with meat and painting. I had my first major experience with spackle. It wasn't pretty.

So, what have I been wasting my time on? Well, I'm about to start my third week of this. I discovered that it is possible for me to enjoy reading a novel. I've had no desire to read for the past few months, a very disorienting feeling for me. But I liked Straight Man, a novel about a fractious English department at a mediocre regional university in Pennsylvania (unfortunately, the picture on Amazon doesn't have a goose on the cover). Thanks to a local English professor who recommended it. It goes nicely alongside two other humorous novels about academia, Pnin (by Vladimir Nabokov) and Portuguese Irregular Verbs (both recommended by J. L. Schindler).
I also saw a good chunk of the musical 1776 on the Fourth, and now have a hankering to read some nonfiction. Maybe David McCullough's book of the same name.

And tonight I watched MacGyver. He's from Minnesota, ya know. (I had forgotton this. It explains the goofy accent, which I had also forgotten about.)


beau said...

The "musical 1776"? How painfully . . . er . . . patriotic.

Pirate Jimmy said...

Richard Dean Anderson is the fuckin man!! I heart Stargate: SG-1!