Friday, October 17, 2008

You all love poetry, don't you?

Lingamish (the internet moniker of an SIL translator named David Ker) does some pretty cool poems called Cyber Psalms. This one is particularly good. Though not as good as the one where he thanked God for George Bush. I still don't know what to think about that one; he seems to be in earnest, and there's something very authentic, very psalm-like about it. But he has to know that he's not allowed to talk like that, doesn't he?

I can only imagine the reaction from some of my Anabaptist-influenced internet acquaintances. Not to mention the Chavist ones.

I love you all, and I'm not trying to goad anyone. (Well, maybe a little.) What do you make of Cyber Psalms 37 and/or 51?


David Ker said...

Made my day. Thanks.

Adam said...

I like Christmas carols, but next to "victory chants" they felt weary and pathetic. And I suddenly wanted the chants instead.

Special K said...

I don't quite get it. It doesn't seem to match up very well with the actual psalm. Where David said "Do not fret because of evil men" this guy says Thank God for Bush. Is that reverse psychology to try to ease our worries about how he's led our country?

And why Zimbabwe? I just don't get any of it.