Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Four Spiritual Laws in the Ancient Church

HT: Kouya Chronicle. I do not demean the first law. It is true. God does love you and has a wonderful plan for your life. His definition of wonderful may differ from yours.

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Drewbe said...

I was just having a conversation with my flatmate tonight about some of the Bible stories our small group didn't know about. For instance, the one that came up was King David's death and how they brought in a young virgin to keep him warm. (It is speculated that she might be the woman in Song of Songs.)

Anyway, after informing him of this story, I went on to mention other events from David's last days. The census was the one I focused on...here David disobeys God and God gives him a choice on the way the Nation should be punished for David's disobedience. So David chose the "mercy" of God and God killed 70,000 men. (2 Sam. 24)

Now I know you are talking about the foundations of the NT Church, but how do you reconcile that those 70,000 men were "purposed" to die because of David's sin? It's hard to rectify a theology where God smites people at His choosing...doesn't seem to me that they had a purpose except to be counted apart of the 70,000 dead in the book of Samuel.

Just curious about your thoughts?