Saturday, August 12, 2006

I ride bike!

Why do iron-rangers, and possibly others, use the phrases "ride bike" and "drive truck"? What happened to the definite or indefinite articles?


Chaka said...

Ode to Anarthrous

You can count me among the "others"
As you can a man named "Struthers"
Who frequently place
Nought but a space
Between a compound verb and its object.

Chaka said...

Ha--you thought that last line was going to rhyme, didn't ya?

Chaka said...

Seriously, there's no article because "bike" and "truck" aren't objects of the verb: they're part of the verb, a compound verb. "Ride bike" is the analytical equivalent of "cycle."

In fact, a classmate told me last week that he cycles with his roommate. I was confused until I realized that what he meant was that he rides bike with him.

A more widespread example of this phenomenon:
Chaka: "Did you like Miami Vice?"
Brandon: "Did I like it? It kicks ass!"