Friday, August 25, 2006

oh, those bed grubs did bite !

no - theres no new question here. this ones a trick. hopefully, getting all your hopes up that there may actually be something new and exciting. but no. there is not. in fact, this may be a complete waste of your time. whY you're still reading is simply beyond my comprehension. its almost as if yoU all actually have nothing better to do with your lives than sit in front of a computer screen and read random dribble off of the lamp post.
and don't even try to turn this around on me. i know all of yoU tricky sneakersters out there - and your ways of devilry. of course i have nothing to do. its a non- event weekend for me. and therefore clearly my thusly writings of ramblings is justified by my decleration of thus saying so and my ever growing pile of revolutionary boredom.

(and YES, i did actually mean to say 'bed bugs' in the title but my backwards-nature-ness (there should be a word for that) won that battle - oh well.)


Linus said...

its ok, they already took my keys away.

Chaka said...

Too much Mountain Dew?

Linus said...

too much, too little, i'm not sure there's a difference