Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where do YOU shower?

A co-worker asked me yesterday, "Where do you shower?"

I responded with slight confusion, "In my apartment bathroom."

She seemed dissatisfied and continued to tell me, "You can go to another building, you know."

An even greater confusion over took me as I wanted to scream, "Why in the world would I walk to another building, carrying all my shower necessities with me, to shower amongst potential dirt not of my own, along side other potential shower users, when I have a perfectly private and clean shower five feet from my warm bed!?!"
Instead, after a period of uncomfortable silence, I chose to respond with, "Well, I do have a water heater."

This woman seemed annoyed that I couldn't understand the benefits of her shower oasis and dropped the subject with a final word, "We can go together some day soon."


Linus said...

i was gonna point out that these technically aRen't questions. but then i remembered that i canhged the title like 8 months ago to what it currently is cause no one cared anymore - and also my last post of all time on here was simply a picture - so i guess everything is good

Special K said...

Hey now, if you post the same thing on both blogs, does that mean I have to copy and paste my insightful comments on each one as well?

China Doll said...

No. It was an experimental post here, and once I saw it I realized it wasn't too bad to put on the other one as well.

Chaka said...

A great moment of cross cultural confusion! Let us know if you figure out why she wants you to shower elsewhere.

Pirate Jimmy said...


She's hitting on you.