Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heathen Lips

Actually, I would do just about anything right now for some chapstick (including kissing someone - gasp! - who just put it on.) I lost the tube I had brought along from the states (a heathen brand) and can't seem to find any replacements here. So I keep walking around rubbing lotion on my face, hoping that will help against the cold wind.

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Special K said...

Wait a minute--you lost THE tube you brought?! Who in their right ming thinks one tube is sufficient for 6 months?! And why do you not have one in your purse and one in your pocket and one in your bag and one in your shelf and one in your little keychain chap-grip that we get for Christmas?! I'm apalled, really, but also very addicted. I know, I know, just break the habit and the need will go away, but I don't buy it for one minute, Poppe!