Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Even Later

Had a great time tonight at an improv performance. I narrowly avoided being chosen as a "volunteer" from the audience. In my desperation to avoid the gaze of the actor who was recruiting audience members, I stared at Mrs. Chaka, who was seated to my left. I must have been sending the message "pick her! pick her!" because she was the one chosen to participate. She had fun and did a good job, so I'm glad it was her. I don't like performing without lots of notice and preparation--I'm too obsessed with what people think of me.

Since I have stumbled into a self-revelatory mood, let's exploit this for a quick end to this post. What is a character flaw that you would like to erase from your personality? The one I'm thinking of for myself is my tendency to see all events and interactions in terms of how it will effect what people think of me. Caring what people think keeps you on your toes and makes you look considerate and conscientious and all that, but it doesn't make for very strong character when choosing what is right really counts. So I would like very much to convince myself that "it's not always about you."

How about you?


Sterling said...

Wow, you write every day? Dang!

Pirate Jimmy said...

Being too awesome is my probably my worst trait.

Special K said...

Pride, of both the boastful and the self-deprecating varieties.

Chaka said...

Three words, Sterling: Not in school.