Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another new acquaintance

I just noticed the comment from Richard A. Rhodes on the post below. I've read and appreciated his Better Bibles Blog a few times in the past. I interpret the first part of his comment to indicate his indignation at all linguists being lumped in with the East Coast schools (Chomsky et al.). I do apologize for that. My statement that linguists are to blame for the inaccesibility of the field was a reflection of my own frustration with some of the jargon-loving and insular tendencies of the linguistics that I was exposed to. Almost at the end of my very Chomskyan B. A. in Linguistics, I came to appreciated the tremendous contribution that SIL linguists have made (which is partly why I aspire to be one). And I have high hopes for their work influencing how we English speakers study the Bible. As for the position he takes in the post that he linked to, he'll get no arguments from me.

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