Thursday, June 05, 2008

Links and My Honor

In the fall, the New Living Translation Study Bible will be available. You can look at sample pages here. Sean Harrison, the editor of the project, is blogging here.

In other happy news, I have been reconciled with the public library. There were a few tense weeks there when they wanted to charge me to replace a damaged book (it was like that when I checked it out, I swear!). I just found out that they believe me and are waiving the charge. It's a great relief. My honor is restored. Seriously, it depresses me for weeks when someone refuses to take me at my word. The infamous U-Haul incident 2007 haunts me to this day. Sure, I understand that you deal all day with people who lie and scam, but this is me!

And now I shall go swimming, if I can find the sunblock.

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