Friday, September 12, 2008


How did I not know about Sealand until today? You can read all about it at the big W.

Would Herder support such endeavors, or would he recognize them for what they are--a descent of the concept of nationhood into parody? Why am I obsessed with asking what a dead person would think of a contemporary phenomenon? What would Freud make of that?

(He would diagnose me as a shameless name-dropper. And throw in an Oedipal complex free of charge. I wonder if that's in the DSM IV?)

Incidently, it seems that Herder studied under a "Francophobe" ancestor of Pirate Jimmy.


beau said...

I am oddly fascinated and horrified by the notion of Sealand. I think I had this idea when I was in fifth or sixth grade. I was influenced in no small part by my A Beka history books with their hagiographical re-telling of the American Revolution and my incessant intake of Rush Limbaugh (supplemented for a short time by G. Gordon Liddy). Though I believed the ideal spot for a nation at the time was our ten acres outside Minneapolis. (One still wants to have access to the MALL after all).

Questions abound: Do they have lyrics in the national anthem referencing the nation's glory from "sea to shining sea"? What on earth do they EXPORT? Do the people from the northeast side of the platform look down on those from the southside of the platform because of their accents? Are the midplatformers pessimists? Where oh where for the love of God do they put the GARBAGE?

I thought there was more to it than the picture on your site. Apparently not. I'm claustrophobic so the thought of spending more than a weekend there sounds hellish. I do find myself wanting a Sealand passport though. Just, you know, to say I do.

Herder (based on my cursory reading of the W) would approve. So long as they love each other. Freud would no doubt find those two phallus looking hulls fascinating and not a little telling . . .

Pirate Jimmy said...


I remember finding Mr. Hamann through wikipedia at one point before, all I remember is that he was counter-enlightenment or something like that, hehe. Kinda funny :-) Also he was anti Kantian ethics, and if I were to choose one universal philosophy today that seems to me to hold the most water, I'd suggest Kantian Ethics is the way to go.

Also: my official stance on Sealand is Pro.