Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A new Il-LOW-nois

At least the last one wasn't arrested in office. But that probably just means the prosecutors weren't on the ball as fast. I know I shouldn't trust Wikipedia's entry on a controversial public figure, but I couldn't resist reading Milorad's. It was a trip down inbred-scandal-ridden-Illinois-politics lane.

Mrs. Chaka reports: "We had a little discussion in our office in which N____ and I assured D___ and L___ (both Illinois natives) that other states aren't like this."

Just so you know, she wasn't cursing. I redacted the names (a la a Victorian novelist) to protect the innocent.

I just have one question: Can we take his name off the Open Road Tolling arches now?

No? How about the children's healthcare plan logo?

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Jonathan said...

It's funny. When I broke the news to Abby yesterday, we both, in typical Chaka fashion, said, "Illinois has found a new way to suck."