Monday, December 29, 2008

The Return of the Fish

Stanley Fish is back from wherever he went. Probably something to do with teaching. I derived a lot of joy from his essay about AT&T, "The Worst Company in the World." Maybe joy isn't the right word, but it amused me that a big fancy-pants public figure has to go through the same idiotic electronic gauntlet that I do. It's a familiar set of steps:

1. Press zero until you get to talk to someone (doesn't always work, unfortunately)
2. Find out that you can't get what you want
3. Find out that the person you're talking to can't do anything helpful
4. Get transferred into the aether
5. Repeat 1-4.
Optional Step: Embarrass yourself by ranting impotently

An acquaintance of mine works for AT&T, and I'd love to ask him why a phone company is so bad at using a phone system. But it's easier to be a crank in the blogosphere.

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beau said...

I find the statement "It has nothing to do with feelings . . . It is a factual matter as to what is and is not syntactically correct" confusing.

I had been lead to believe, after a long and tedious work by one Dr. D. A. Carson, that Fish was the father of all things relativist and who had single-handedly (with maybe a little assistance from Jacques Derrida) destabilized all of reality such that if we listened to him anyone could use superfluous prepositions with reckless abandon thereby negating the reality of penal substitution.

Perhaps I've been misled . . .