Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Perfect Villains

I originally started watching House because it came on after American Idol. Based on tonight's episode, I don't think Lie to Me will catch on (at least in my household). Although the star, Tim Roth, almost makes it worthwhile. I can even nearly forget his performance in this role:

Sure, he looks like a pansy, but if the goal of playing a villain is to make the audience hate you, fear you, and desperately desire your death, then Archibald Cunningham is possibly the best villain ever. Of course he had help:

Nooooooooobody plays evil like Brian Cox. If I saw him on the street, I would run away before he could kill me with beams from his cold dead eyes.


Pirate Jimmy said...

Brian Cox also plays a good cop in Supertroopers.

Alan Rickman does a good bad guy as well.

Chaka said...

Now, Alan Rickman I would want to hang out with. But I'm telling you I would literally flee the scene if I encountered Brian Cox.

maicher said...
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