Monday, January 19, 2009

Rankin' Bass

Thanks for the bass recommendations. I have a feeling that Pirate Jimmy will be disappointed with my rankings . . . I guess Metal just leaves me cold. Here they go, from best to worst:

Pink Floyd --- Money
Queen & David Bowie --- Under Pressure (Mrs. Chaka suggested this one to me in the real world)
Free --- Mr. Big
Tool --- 46 & 2
Smashing Pumpkins --- Zero
Sugarloaf --- Green Eyed Lady (the bass line is good, but the rest of the song . . . meh)
Led Zepplin --- The Ocean
Jimi Hendrix --- Fire
Jimi Hendrix --- Manic Depression
Deftones --- My Own Summer

As for N.I.B., it's in a category all its own. It wouldn't even be fair to put it in the rankings.


Pirate Jimmy said...

Also, I forgot to drop in the name of a fellow who will blow your mind so hard it'll need a cigarette:

Victor Wooten

Pirate Jimmy said...

Also, Black Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" is worth mentioning

maicher said...
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