Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Idol Depression

Why do I watch the show that Fox puts on after American Idol? Why? The show they ran tonight made Lie to Me look amazing by comparison.

One of the numerous bad actors in the show did look familiar. Turns out he was in The Mighty Ducks. That made me smile for a moment. But clicking around on imdb led to an ominous discovery . . .

This abominable show, which has ridiculous casting, horrible dialogue, and some of the worst acting I've seen (but clearly a large budget), has three executive producers.

The same three executive producers as the forthcoming Star Trek movie. Plus one doubled as director. That movie is going to stink.

But as Mrs. Chaka says, we'll still see it in the theater.


Jonathan said...

Wow, that's another strike against Star Trek (the first one being that the trailers look ridiculous).

I saw that Denethor is in that show. What heights he's fallen from!

alerts said...
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