Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Neglected Virtue

So, is it only in Bangalore that entrepreneurs make puns in the names of their establishments? Seriously? I would have thought it more widespread.

Remember Blast from the Past? A cheerful, earnest young man emerges from the bomb shelter that his family entered in the early sixties and confronts our crazed present. I am reminded of that movie every time I hear another story about Captain Chelsey Sullenberger. His name, his nickname, his profession, his professionalism--they all harken to another era. As does the fact that you're allowed to call him a hero with a straight face. The latest news is that he wrote to his library to let them know that one of their books went down with the plane (HT: Kouya Chronicle). When was the last time a public figure was described as "conscientious"? There's a neglected virtue. I'm still waiting for Art of Manliness to write a "Lessons in Manliness" about him.

By the way, Mrs. Chaka has been noted for her extraordinary conscientiousness.

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