Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Hair Pun Turn

Anatoly Liberman says that it's harder to pun in German than in French or English (scroll down to "English versus German"). Yet Strange Maps has a great post up about German puns in the names of hair salons. Mrs. Chaka reports that French hair salons feel no need to make puns.

I believe my sister got her hair done at Shear Expressions before her wedding. Which isn't much of a pun, but "shear" has to be intended to suggest "sheer." Mrs. Chaka remembers a local place called Hair We Are.

What punning establishments exist where you're from? Special K, have you noted the phenomenon in any Spanish-speaking communities?


beau said...

We have signs on the streets of Bangalore for "Root Coz" Dentistry. I don't know why "cause" is spelled the way it is. Makes it punnier I guess.

materials said...
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