Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quirky Blends

Last night I referred to an acquaintance's rantings about The Shack as indignorant. (No, I wasn't referring to Tiffany Eberle Kriner. She actually read the book.) Indignorant is one of those terrific and rare blend words that is instantly understandable. It's a compound whose meaning is transparent rather than opaque. A coworker introduced me to the term; she came up with it independently, although it already existed on the web.

Mrs. Chaka offered up a similar blend this morning. She grew up in a border state (Wisconsin) and as a result, has an irresistable urge to make fun of Canadians. (Another example of regional bigotry, of course.) "I have to surpress it at work, because one of the owners of my company is Canadian. I just assume that all Canadians wish they were Americans. I have canimosity."

This looks like a genuine coinage (though probably not transparent without the story attached). A Google search provided one relevant hit, which oddly enough, seems to be a website devoted to neologisms such as indignorant. (That looks worthy of the RSS feed.) I can't tell what words √úbermaniam meant to blend, though. "Can" as in "I can do it" and "animosity"?

To listen to a delightful story about some brave Canadians and their delightful accents, click here. Ruben Giles also deserves a profile on Art of Manliness. McKay, get on the ball, already!

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