Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A One Word Post--One Word That Made Me Laugh Out Loud Today



Monk@Heart said...

Hey! Chaka,
Liturgicostal is a word that I coined - I believe it orginated with me. How/where did you hear the word?

Chaka said...

Hi Monk@Heart, thanks for stopping by. If I remember correctly, I saw the word on Dr. Amy Anderson's facebook page. I see that you're in Mpls--do you happen to know Amy?

Monk@Heart said...

I don't know Amy, but she would have heard the word - "liturgicostal" from another NCU faculty member who sent out a notice inviting all the faculty to a liturgicostal service we were going to have. I'd be interested in knowing what her facebook entry said and any comments she might have received. Hey, someday my word may make the dictionary!