Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chaka is not hipper-than-thou

Here's a short article about Rob Bell. I know very little about him, just the names of his books, this article, and this video. Go watch it. Go on.

I have one or two quibbles with the content, at the level of "I don't know if that's quite how I would put it." Overall, it's a beautiful production, very cool. I'm glad somebody out there is making stuff like this, because some of us have never been and will never be cool (despite getting slightly more rectangular glasses a couple years ago).

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Special K said...

Honestly, I'm less than impressed by Mr. Bell. I saw one of his videos, and while I didn't disagree with it, it didn't really touch a chord in me. Maybe his style is what many disillusioned or questioning people need, but I don't think he's for me. And a church of 11,000?! How can he actually pastor that many people in the true sense of the word? At that point he's just another celebrity speaker.