Thursday, December 27, 2007

Minnesota is God's Country

In case you had any doubt, research now shows that Minnesota is the most biblical state. In terms of the tax system, that is (you have to read all the way to the bottom to get that tidbit). I was surprised when I moved from Minnesota to Illinois at how comparatively little this state does for the lower classes. I assumed that blue states were ipso facto good places to be poor, so I was surprised that I had to pay Illinois income tax when my wife and I had a combined income of $12,000 one year. There are a lot of other ways that Illinois sticks it to you, from tolls to the fact that you usually have to buy a sticker from your town of residence to put on your car windshield.

Now, the Rev. Josh Hansen will note (if he's reading) that South Dakota is one of the Sinful Six. I look forward to his rejoinder.

Anyway, I think this will have to be my last post for a while so that I can work on a paper I have to turn in next month. I will do my best to return to form as soon as possible.

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