Monday, December 17, 2007

Lord please don't let me become a politics news junkie this year

It's probably too late. The race has been getting more exciting in the last couple of weeks. Of course, it was really boring before. I was ignoring all campaign news and debates out of principle before November. In my head at least, there is no campaigning allowed more than a year ahead of time.

I enjoy trying to separate the personality from the policies by taking candidate match quizzes. When both parties are having full out primary campaigns and you've got a dozen candidates to choose from, it should be fairly easy to find someone who you agree with on most of the major issues, right? (By the way, I believe this is the first time since 1952 that no one is running who has already been president or vice-president. Cool, huh?)

The best quizzes allow you to rank how important an issue is to you. This one seems pretty good. Some quizzes are just awful, like this one. In the quiz creator's universe, my position on stem cell research can be summarized as "I don't think it is ok to develop new medicines and treatments, my god says so, or I think they kill babies for it." Also plays annoying music. This one is decent, but they include a lot of candidates who aren't really running. Including Stephen Colbert.

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Special K said...

What about the best quiz I've found yet: MPR's quiz (which was the basis for your first link)? Verbose, yes, but also thorough.

And while I normally stay far far away from claiming any political affiliation other than having socialist-communist leanings, I think I'm gonna go with Bill Richardson if he makes the cut. It's much too soon to tell, but I like him thus far.

I did just find out he was endorsed by the NRA, which makes me weep, but I agree with him on most other issues.

Have I said recently that I hate politics?