Monday, November 19, 2007

Beauty on the Verge of Collapse

I've heard (possibly from my wife, the violinist) that a well-made violin is always on the verge of collapsing. The more tension on the body of the instrument, the more beautiful the sound. That's why the best violins have to be so well cared for--they are fragile by virtue of being best.

There's something beautiful about strength as well, but the image of beauty on the verge of collapse is a powerful one to me, especially in a church service. Our worship team's practice was hurried and stressful. One of the leaders had a fever; the piano player (also the pastor) was supposed to be in another meeting at the same time. His pregnant wife is recovering from surgery. One of the singers was assigned a solo introduction for a song that she was unfamiliar with. When she sang it, you could hear the vulnerability in her voice. You wondered if she could hit the high notes. She hit them, but it was like the Spirit picked up her voice and set it down on the note.

It was beautiful, like the people of God.

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