Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was a stranger and you took me in

I've become interested in the virtues of the ancient world; particularly those commanded in Scripture, but also the ones celebrated by the pagans. One of the virtues that really stands out among the Greeks is hospitality, which I recently read about in the book From Achilles to Christ. Of course, when you actually think of hospitality as a moral act, and not just "being nice," it stands out in the Bible too. E.g., Abraham, Lot, various women, some of Jesus' parables, the requirements for elders.

Anyway, let me exhort you:

Exercise hospitality.

Also, let me exhort you:

Accept hospitality. (I partially failed to do this tonight. It comes from being a Minnesotan. In my culture, you're supposed to decline hospitality several times before finally giving in. It is a grave thing in Minnesota to make someone go to any trouble for you. I'm getting better about this, though.)

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