Thursday, November 29, 2007

Religion and Theology Links

My interest in whether corporations act in the role of empires was stimulated by a book called Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire. The authors argued that Paul was subtly undermining the Roman Empire in Colossians, and that we should undermine the empires of our time (i.e., the Pentagon and Disney). It was provocative (translation, "annoying but good to ponder").

Anyway, Colossians Remixed relies heavily on N. T. Wright's work. Wright and John Barclay debated whether Paul was intentionally undermining the Roman Empire at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting this year. You can listen to the debate here and here. I'm listening to Barclay right now, and he's doing well.

I haven't finished my planned thread on Mary (I know, you can't wait for more). J. I. Packer (a protestant theologian) addresses what we can know about her here.

HT: Between Two Worlds

Oh no he didn't! Wright just dissed the Lutheran "two kingdoms" view, advanced by Rev. Hansen in his most recent post.


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