Monday, November 26, 2007

Excuses and Overlapping Ghettos

So, I've let my posting discipline slide this last week. I blame my Thanksgiving trip to Tulsa--getting ready to leave, leaving, staying, coming back. So my apologies to anyone who checks in regularly. The holiday was hosted by my oldest sister and her husband (who blogs, check him out here).

Another good friend, the Rev. Joshua Jurgen Hansen, just started blogging, partially in order to prove that you can be a neo-conservative Lutheran pastor in the ELCA.

Which brings to mind the Jansenists (but doesn't everything?). As I was driving across Missouri (Home of the Filthiest Public Restrooms in the Lower Forty-eight!), it struck me how the Jansenists are a weird overlap of several elements from my wife and my religious heritage/interests:

French (Mrs. Chaka) Catholic (Chaka) Augustinian (Mrs. Chaka) Glossolaliasts (Chaka). A Jansenist also stands at the fountainhead of modern linguistics (Chaka). They also have Pascal and Racine, so if Mrs. Chaka develops a sudden interest in math or alexandrine verses, I'll know what caused it.

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