Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Lamott

Coworker and blogger Jon tells me it's bad form to comment on your own post, so I'm going to pick up the "F-bomba" thread from below in a new post.

Regarding Traveling Mercies, I'm glad to hear that Special K enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, for the most part. She speaks about things like prayer, baptism, forgiveness, even sanctification in an attractive and authentic voice. On the other hand, around the edges of the book, you get the impression that she doesn't think Jesus has anything to say about her "jumping into bed" (her words) with various boyfriends. Whenever she mentions a boyfriend, she talks about "the man I was in love with at the time," and the relationship is always either dead or dying. For someone who frankly acknowledges her struggle to do God's will in terms of eating, parenting, relating to people who annoy her, the absence of any struggle on this point is striking.

Regarding the f-bomb: I want to reply to Pirate Jimmy's excellent comments, but my lunch break is over, so I'll do that later.

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