Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bom bom!

The Chakas do not have cable. Cable is like a nice, nearby foreign country that we get away to a couple times a year. A precise, affluent, organized foreign country, like Switzerland maybe. If you've visited a foreign country, you know the experience of finding some delicacy that is outrageously abundant over there, but hard to find here. You know that whenever you return, you'll gorge yourself on it. A delicacy like Law and Order.

I watched an episode on broadcast last night. It was mediocre. The pace wasn't snappy enough, the motive wasn't believable, the cop/suspect/lawyer/judge tensions weren't engaging. (I did enjoy S. Epatha Merkerson giving her cops the stare-down when they done bad, but how can you not?) The worst part of it was the Law-and-Order:-Criminal-Intent-like ending: Let's isolate the suspect from his lawyer, get him to think his partner in crime has turned on him, yell at him for awhile, let the dramatic music build, and he'll crack and confess. Meh.

You know who I miss? Jerry Orbach. I miss him "standing over a body and cracking wise." (I know I read that description of his character somewhere years ago, but I can't remember where.) He could do a decent French accent, too.

Thanks for the music recommendations below, by the way. I'm sure I'll pick up those artists the next time I go shopping for music. Unfortunately, I never go shopping for music, so the next time I'm at a friend's house and they walk out of the room and I'm left alone and my eyes swerve unstoppably toward the bookshelf, I'll stop myself and say, "Maybe you should look at the music collection instead." Then I'll look at their CDs (if they still have such things), and if I see one of these artists, and it's socially appropriate for me to ask my host to put the CD on or lend it to me, I shall do so.

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