Monday, January 14, 2008

Questions you don't ask the Queen

Ok, in order to blog about this, I have to admit that I read a story about Princess Diana. Further confession: I got up in the middle of the night to watch her funeral. I'm not sure why--I've never been that interested in her or any member of the royal family under the age of 80. Anyway, this article is about Diana's butler testifying against the notion that the royal family engineered her death. Best quote:

Burrell [the butler] has said that after Diana's death the queen had warned him to be careful and told him, "There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge."

He testified that he was unsure whether she referred to the media, the "establishment," or the secret services.

"One doesn't ask the queen what she means by something," Burrell said.

I don't know what the big mystery is. If this were a movie, and the butler was a prominent enough character to be testifying in a trial, it would be obvious who committed the murder.

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