Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dinner Adventures

When the supermarket circular arrived in the mail, I flipped to the back page and noticed two great deals: the red peppers and the ginger.

This recipe looked good; lots of vegetables, lots of flavor.

I planned to substitute flour for the cornstarch. Then I remembered that we inherited some cornstarch when Mrs. Chaka's aunt-who's-not-really-her-aunt moved to Peru. I pushed twelve to thirteen boxes of tea out of the way and dug out the box from the back of the cabinet. An Italian woman dressed up like a Native American in a corn suit smiled back at me. Well, I guess it's not much of a smile.

More of a vacant stare, I guess. Anyway, I was all ready to add the cornstarch when I noticed the banner on the front.

"Oriental cooking," eh? Suddenly the typeface didn't look retro. It just looked old. And dude, the preferred nomenclature is Asian-American.

I tasted the cornstarch. It tasted awful. Then again, I don't know what cornstarch is supposed to taste like. But I'm guessing it shouldn't taste so dusty.

So I used the flour. I'm sure you're all relieved.


Goatcabin said...

Dude, this is not the way to get Casper back.

Then again, thanks for the story.

Special K said...

If it makes you feel better, we just found some lunch meat in our fridge from June of 2005. I know, you're probably thinking, "didn't you move many times between then and now?" Yes, yes we did. But somehow that one got overlooked, along with some apple butter and other condiments. We opted to not eat them, too.

Mrs. Chaka said...

To clarify, my love, my aunt-who-is-not-really-my-aunt moved to Equador.

By the way Special K, I think condiments last a long time, we also got some of those from the aforementioned aunt-who-is-not-really-my-aunt.