Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Go Walking after Midnight

I'm tired. I decided to go to work at the same time as Mrs. Chaka this morning, which meant getting up at 5:00 am and getting dropped off at the office at 5:45. Which meant I was locked out of the building. I hopped back into the car and had Mrs. Chaka drop me off at the grocery store about a block away, on her way to her office. They've got a Starbucks in there, I thought. They oughta be open.

Alas, no. Rows of shopping carts blocked the entrances. The sign was not illuminated. I didn't want Mrs. Chaka to be late, so I sent her on her way and walked the block back to the office. The sky was dark, but there was a glow to the darkness, making it more purple than black. I remembered the morning I walked from my hostel in the Welsh mountains down into the next town, since the bus wouldn't be coming that day. I walked past Mt. Snowdon, it's head covered in a cloud. I walked past sheep and open hillsides of slate. In a long valley, a fighter jet suddenly appeared and flew over me--closer to the ground than I'd ever seen a plane fly. I don't remember any sound.

Here I sit, still at my work computer, twelve hours later. Mrs. Chaka will be here to pick me up soon. If I hadn't gone out to lunch at noon, I wouldn't have seen the sun today.

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Goatcabin said...

It is depressing living and working in the eastern part of the central time zone, spending the majority of the day at work, having a wall before us and a closed door behind us.